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Name: ClickFunnels™


Owner: Russell Brunson

Price: 14 day free trial and then $97 and $297 per month

Introductions To ClickFunnels™

So here you have it, A ClickFunnels Review. What is ClickFunnels™ you say? A very easy, highly rated, and automated way of making sales funnels online. I am sure you have seen sales funnels selling weight loss, face cream, supplements and I am sure many other items out there on the web and many of us have bought the items that the sales funnel directs you to.

Russell Brunson the owner of ClickFunnels™ created this unique design tool back in October 2014 and has automated the process of a complete sales funnel from design to profit. ClickFunnels™ not only creates, landing pages, sales pages, up sell pages any of the many pages in your sales funnel design quickly and effortlessly. explains how the system works to achieve a pretty hefty income online.

Purpose Of A Sales Funnel

Description of Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

Is ClickFunnels™ A Real Benefit?

In the past creating a sales funnel was extremely costly, especially for the average person as you would need to have basically a full staff to create one. Networking personnel, programmers, copy writers and of course someone to design and create the flow of the tunnel to get the best results. As many of us now days are so busy, building a sales funnel from scratch is completely out of the question as it may take a couple month with a full staff to get it rolling.

A sales funnel to work properly before ClickFunnels™ needs the following:

  • Multiple Opt-In web pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Order Forms
  • Additional Content
  • Members Area
  • Email Auto Responder
  • Website
  • Hosting Platform
  • Landing Page Software
  • Split Testing Software
  • Membership Site Software

With all the demands of a small business owner, time and money can make a difference in developing and implementing a business idea. To make your business profitable you must have customers and to get customer, advertising is a must; however, a business needs to look at what is the best way to advertise and how to keep the price down.

Today, online advertising makes sense, the old way of advertising just does not seem to have the same impact that online produces. Business owners are finding ways to take their business to that next step in advertising in conjunction with websites and social media.

Considering time restraints and high-priced advertising in today’s world, software such as ClickFunnels™ makes creating sales funnels more simplistic, less time-consuming and more economical.

According to Russell Brunson he had to pay up around $29,000 and have a complete staff of designers and programmers just to get one sales funnel up and running. The small business man or website owner would never consider putting out that kind of money on a sales funnel that might work. Now with the new automated ClickFunnels™ system even the average person can own multiple sales funnels.

How To Use ClickFunnels™

Are you interested in building a squeeze page for acquiring leads so you can put together an email marketing campaign or ready to put that sales funnel in place to help your campaign to soar to greater heights? Maybe you are just getting started and wanting to find out how to create a sales funnel and how they can benefit your business or start a business utilizing sales funnels.

ClickFunnels™ is easy to set up just go to and create your account which is free for the first 14 days, go through the training as recommended and then start creating your sales funnels. Sounds pretty easy to me.

ClickFunnels™ has designs pre-installed to meet many needs depending on what type of business you are in and what type of funnel you are interested in. You can choose a page you like change up a few things and you are ready to start making sales. The design of ClickFunnels™ allows the user to drag and drop right into the different funnel pages and streamlines the design of all the pages related to a sales funnel. The drag and drop design makes it much easier and more efficient to create sales funnels getting them online faster and making money for your business. When you throw the training in that helps walk you through how to use ClickFunnels™, and have money for advertising such as a pay-per-click campaign, it creates a great way to advertise your company or products and amplifies the ability to create revenue at a much faster rate.

If you are looking for a quick easy program that is user friendly ClickFunnels™ might be the way to go. I think it would be a great program to use along-side of a web page to help promote your business and create the traffic you long for.

ClickFunnels™ Description and Features

ClickFunnels™ claims to provide a clear and comprehensive product and strives to make the software easy to navigate and learn for the beginner. The training assists users on how to use ClickFunnels™ and how to engage them in your marketing schemes and the ClickFunnels™ software creates many sales funnels seamlessly.

What types of Funnels Can ClickFunnels™ Create

    • Optin Funnels – for building email lists
    • Sales Funnels – drives people to your product and also creates and up sell for increase in sales
    • New Product Funnels – Funnels to get the new product out to consumers
    • Book Funnels – Much like a sales funnel marketing a book or Online Training Course – Sell and Train all within the sales funnel
    • Webinar Funnels – Helps people register for webinars
  • Membership Funnels – Creates a funnel for someone to register or subscribe
Marketing Sales Funnels

Marketing Sales Funnels

What does ClickFunnels™ Offer

  • Automated Sales Funnels
  • Training
  • Creates Nice Sales Pages
  • Split Testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Streamlines Payment Process
  • Works With Email Servers
  • 14 Day Risk Free Offer
  • Maybe a best seller

Who Can Benefit  Using ClickFunnels™?

Almost anyone from a newbie to highly experienced can benefit from ClickFunnels™as it is a fully automated system and user friendly. The target audience for ClickFunnels™ consists of any business or individual looking to advertise online or if you are already online a way to expand your online business.

If you are someone considering digital advertising and capturing leads for an email campaign, driving sells or driving traffic ClickFunnels™ may be right for you. If you have a website ClickFunnels™s can assist your website by driving traffic and making sales but does not include website building in the package. Developers are on the fence between the ease of use and not able to make changes to the programming as needed as a developer sometimes it is best to have more flexibility in products.

ClickFunnels™ Pros And Cons


Software that completely stream lines building a sales funnel

User friendly drag and drop features

Builds several styles of sales funnels

Information to model sales funnels, creating the best design for your funnel

Bring your own shopping cart or integrate it with paypal

Email auto responder built in

Training and Support

Analytics built in to track sale, conversions and visitors

Built in Split Testing

Online Program ready to g0


The monthly cost is a bit steep

Mainly works with PPC instead of organic traffic

Limited Website Function

Not developer friendly

Is ClickFunnels™ a Sales Funnel Friend Or Foe?

After researching ClickFunnels™ and learning the ease and quality of the product, I would consider signing up. The only thing that would make me think twice is the price per month, at $97 each month for someone starting out in the online world seems pricey or even more the premium package running $297 per month. Many people may have problems affording this; however, if it makes money as they claim it should not be difficult to recover the cost of the program monthly.

According to ClickFunnels™ people do not need a website to make money on-line any longer. I fear if that is the case many of the informational websites would no longer exist bring anarchy to the web world. I feel we need to keep the websites and just add sales funnel software to what already exists as people rely on the web to provide information.

I feel that ClickFunnels™ would make a great companion to my website and help me to gain the traffic and sales that I may be missing out on with just organic and social media to drive the traffic. I really do like how quick and easy you can put together a sales funnel and have it up and running. Now the question Is ClickFunnels™ a Sales Funnel Friend or Foe? I will have to say it is a friend are you going to take the plunge? Do you try it for 14 days risk free? Are you going to build a website first? The decision is up to you.

If you don’t already have a website you should go ahead and build the website first like I did, you can learn how to build a website, and build an online business at Wealthy Affiliate the #1 rated platform in the world.

Let me know if you have any questions or what you think below in the comment section

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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  1. Hi Dena,
    I appreciate the information on Clickfunnels. I would love to use it however, I am not ready to pay the price. The monthly price is just a little too steep for me.
    I enjoyed reading about all the things that Clickfunnels can do, however. It does sound awesome. I wish the price would be less.

    1. Hi Cynthia, thanks for checking out my site. I always enjoy reading comments from my readers in hope I can help get your online business off to a great start.

      I understand with starting out in an online business there is never any guarantees and shelling out almost $100.00 per month is quite daunting. Myself I have not taken that plunge yet; however, with all the research I have put in I feel that ClickFunnels would be a great investment and as my business grows in the future, I truly feel I will jump in with both feet. For now, I am focusing on building my website out in hope that I can really help the beginner or even someone that has some experience get started in an online business of their own. I have found a more economical way for the beginner to get started with training to build a website and build a business with a wonderful community to help along the way and would love to share it with everyone. If you have not had the chance to check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate I recommend that you do so and decide if it may be helpful for you.

      Thanks again for stopping by my site and I would really like to help anyway I can to get you on track to building a successful online business.

  2. I have not ever heard of click funnels before reading this article. I am not sure if it the right thing for me and my business or not. With a 14 day trial to see it may be worth looking into. Is it for the regular blogger who doesn’t really have their own product but affiliates other peoples?
    I have a fairly developed site and a lot of content but I do not sell or do much in advertising. I am going to follow your links and perhaps test out the trial. See if it fits my business.
    Thank you for the information.

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my review on ClickFunnels, I feel it is a great product and would really help someone like you that has a developed site. ClickFunnels has many different sales funnels to choose from and you can drag and drop to design them for your needs. I think for a 14 day free trial, you might want to check it out and see for yourself.

      I know I am quite impressed in what they have to offer, I would say as a regular blogger that uses affiliates it would be a great match as you could create a sales funnel that drives people to the affiliate product of your choice or create an opt-in page to gather email addresses for email marketing, they even provide you with an auto-responder to help you keep up with the emails.

      Here is the link for ClickFunnels for your convenience. If you do decide to do the free 14 day trial I would love if you would come back and let us know how it goes.

      Thanks again for checking out my review, I love helping people grow their business and hopefully it will help you in creating a more successful business online.

  3. Thank you for this very comprehensive review of Clickfunnels. This is the area where I am really failing in my business and I do need to get on top of. Click funnels sounds perfect but it is as you say a little pricey. They do make it sound so awesome with all the built in features included with it. They do however offer a 14 day trial so maybe it would be worth it to see how it goes and then decide if its right to move forward with.
    We should not always look first at the cost but ask what will it cost if I don’t have it?
    A neighboring farmer once said to my hubby “I cannot afford to put fertilizer on.” Hubby responded with ” I cannot afford not to put it on”
    The proof is always in the pudding.,
    I am currently looking at a similar program but I am open to learn more.

    1. Hello Judy, It is great that you have stopped by my site! I love helping people get started or continue in their business ventures as it is truly rewarding to me.

      I absolutely love your philosophy on the cost, can we really afford to be without it? It sounds like your husband is very wise as we all know you need fertilizer to grow a productive crop and in a since ClickFunnels could truly be that fertilizer to grow a great business.

      If you have been looking into creating sales funnels for your business, I feel that this would be a great opportunity for you and the 14 day free trial is a great advantage to see if it will work for you. I do believe that ClickFunnels is a great product and they have made it so easy to use that anyone can put together a funnel and get have it out to their clients quickly and seamlessly, producing sales for your business.

      Here is a direct link to find out more about ClickFunnels and if you decide to try it out, please come back and let us know how it worked for you.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wisdom, I am sure that is something I will always remember going forward.

  4. Thank you for this review.

    This was very thorough and gave me a great insight as to what Click Funnels is and how they could be a benefit.

    I think that this would be a great system for someone with a well established website that is already earning money and wants to increase their market reach and income.

    1. Thanks Melissa for reading my ClickFunnels review and leaving a comment. I really enjoy reading what others have to say on my posts and always hope I can help others build their online business.

      I do agree that this is a great system and someone that has a well established site can really benefit from what they have to offer their clients. I believe with the many different marketing funnels it will definitely increase earnings and drive more traffic. I love how easy it is to set up sales funnels and think it would be a great time saver for a busy entrepreneur.

      If you think this is something that might help your business check out the free 14 day trial of ClickFunnels, if you are just looking to start a business or build your business you may want to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and see if it may be a good fit for you.

      I truly hope that I can help you build a successful business online and if you decide to do ClickFunnels or Wealthy Affiliate please come back and tell us about your experience.

  5. Hello,
    Click Funnel is brand new to me, I must admit I am set in my ways when it comes to trying new programs when I can get the same results ways which have been working for me for years. Your post is tempting to give Click Funnel a try if it was not for the price being more than I am willing to pay at this time, I hope the price comes down in the near future so more people can take advantage of this awesome sounding program.


    1. Hi Jeff, thanks for taking a look at my ClickFunnels review I really appreciate it and so glad you took the time to leave a comment.

      ClickFunnels seems to be a really great product and as soon as I am happy with the money my website is generating I am planning on jumping on the band wagon to see if it can take my website over the top. I think if you have a good start to a website you might want to consider trying it out for the 14 day free trial of course only when you are ready. If you are needing extra training on how to establish an affiliate website and get your business rolling I would suggest checking out my Wealthy Affiliate Review as it is really a great experience and so truly helpful.

      Thanks again for the comment and if ever you have any questions getting your website or business going let me know.

  6. Hello Dena,

    It was most interesting to read your Click Funnel Review. I have heard of sales funnels, but I haven’t yet dived very deep into this topic. As a website owner, this sounds to be a great option to earn more money with my online business. Nevertheless, I want my business to get well established before I invest in any sales funnel program.

    Thanks to your review I have learned a lot about sales funnel. Glad to have found your website, you have got great information for people who are new to this business.

    1. Hello Pernilla, thanks so much for reading my ClickFunnels review and thanks for the gracious compliment. I try to provide the best information possible to help anyone trying to get into an online business as I have.

      ClickFunnels is a wonderful option to help drive people to your website or drive sales of a particular product. I do agree that it is best to have a good start on your business online before jumping into a funnel system; however, when you are ready, Clickfunnels seems extremely user friendly and will be great for beginning any type of funneling campaign. I do want to let you know about an opportunity if you are looking for a way to advance your website and learn more about building your business you might want to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review and see if it is something that may interest you. The training at Wealthy Affiliate can help you with your website and help create a successful business online.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and remember to bookmark this site and come back often as I update frequently.

      1. Hello Dena,

        Thank you so much for your thorough and very helpful answer. This is a great service!

        I appreciate your advice and I’ll certainly consider the sales funnel option when I have come so far. Your website is bookmarked!


        1. Thanks so much for bookmarking my website, I really enjoy interacting with my readers and would love to help anyway I can so you can learn to earn. If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments and follow me to a journey to success.

  7. I have heard of Russell Brunson. In fact, I subscribe to his newsletter, and receive it regularly. At the start, I was interested in his emails because he gave a lot of great info. When he started programs, I was keen at first. But after I saw the prices, I decided to put this on pause.

    It’s a conundrum isn’t it? We need the sales funnel to make money. But many of us, like me, don’t have enough to pay monthly to buy it to make money. I guess you can tell from this paragraph that I do intend to buy it, but only when I have extra budget to spare.

    In the meantime, I can only appreciate this and all the emails I receive from him. Would you be able to suggest a program that is more affordable?

    1. Thanks for checking out my ClickFunnels Review, I too think it is a great program and as soon as I have the extra funds I will be buying into it and seeing how it works. I do like the fact that it has a 14 day free trial so if I get into it and don’t like it for whatever reason I don’t have to move on.

      When you are first starting out and wanting to build your business, your best bet is to put together a good solid website in a niche you are passionate about. I would recommend the Wealthy Affiliate platform as you can learn to earn and they offer so much support from a caring community.

      If you already have a website you can learn how to make it great with Wealthy Affiliate. The training you will receive with Wealthy Affiliate is top notch and will help you proceed in creating a lucrative website. As you website advance you can then take advantage of the ClickFunnels program and possibly advance your earnings even more.

      To find out more about Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer, jump on over to my review for Wealthy Affiliate here and decide if they are right for you.

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