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Hello My Name Is Dena, Welcome To My Website!

I have dedicated this site to helping people find a way, to break though the wall of a dead-end job and truly become successful in creating their own business online. I really like the idea of working at home in my pajamas, or out under a tree, these options sound so inviting. I hope you will come work with me! Follow me and I can show you this journey is truly a rewarding career at home or from anywhere in the world.

Getting to Know Me

About Dena

Work With Dena

I am Dena, a mom of three children that have grown up and left the nest, and now I enjoy being a grandmother; however, having no children in the home anymore, I opted to take care of my seven dogs, Yes I know, they just keep multiplying. I believe the dogs are more work than the children were, except they don’t talk back as much. Yes, I traded the kids for the dogs, and yes, I will always have to take care of something it is just my personality.

I do enjoy spending my free time playing or cuddling with the dogs, or you might find me working out in the garden. Many times, you may find me tinkering around in the wood shop or helping to build projects around the house. I love nature and love being outdoors, working outside, smelling the flowers and taking in the fresh air sounds like a dream job to me.

Why I Started This Journey

I went to college and earned a four-year degree but never found a job in my chosen profession. So, I have been stuck, working for the same company for 16 years, I am burn out, and I am ready and working to make changes in my life now, as I am not getting any younger. Working all these years, I basically have hit a wall with no place to go, I could turn around and go back, but I am wanting more than that out of life. I want to be able to work my own hours, while working from home to help keep those dogs out of mischief.


Take me by the hand

Take My Hand I Will Help You Get Started

Follow Me on My Journey

I want you to come on this exciting journey with me. I want to share my knowledge with you and the world of how to have the freedom from punching the clock every day and have a striving business on line. The concept of being out in nature and working virtually from anywhere really does sound like a rewarding career and I want to show you how you to can achieve that dream.

If you are feeling the same way I do and ready to make that change either full time or part time, come work with me. I would love to be able to share my opportunity with the you and will take you by the hand on this journey to own your own successful business working on line, the options are endless.

I want to help any way I can and If you are ready to start your journey and work with me, please take my hand and follow me in this opportunity to work under a tree.

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